We Respond

Gather around the stories of Christians who face persecution -- and learn about their thought-provoking and inspiring responses.

We Respond is a seven-session learning series for high school classes, adult groups, and others who wish to engage both intellectually and reflectively with the reality of religious persecution today.  How do Christian communities respond?  How will you?

Adult Study Series

This adult version allows Bible studies, church groups, and lay/parachurch organizations to encounter Christ in the stories of persecuted Chrisians.

Download the adult facilitator guide and participant packet.

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Adult Participant Packet

Leader's Guide
Adult Facilitator Guide

High School Classroom Unit

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Student Packet

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Teacher Guide

This high school version allows students to engage UCS findings and stories in a more formal classroom setting.

Download the teacher guide and student packet.


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Session 1: Overview: Discipleship and Persecution
  • Session 2: The People of God in Exile
  • Session 3: The Paschal Mystery of Christ
  • Session 4: Witness & Martyrdom in Church History
  • Session 5: Human Dignity and Rights
  • Session 6: Responses of Forgiveness
  • Session 7: Responses of Solidarity
  • Our Responses: Six Ideas for Action

Contact Us

With any questions, suggestions, or comments about the We Respond study series, please contact program manager Kristi Haas (khaas3@nd.edu).