We Respond, a seven-session study series for high school students and adult groups, uses reflection questions, stories, and accessible research findings to allow your group to engage thoughtfully with Christians' responses to persecution today.

Christians Confronting Persecution, a six-week online course through Notre Dame's STEP program, brings together ministers, educators, and other adults to confront the reality of persecution through the lens of faith.Bring their stories home.

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We Respond (Adult and High School)  |  Christians Confronting Persecution (Online Course) 

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"All of us, gazing with unveiled face on the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory" (2 Cor 3:18).
It is easy to hide our faces from suffering, hardening our hearts and hiding our eyes behind a veil of comfort. Yet the Lord himself did not shy away from our suffering; he entered into it, and he even made death into a step on the way to infinite hope.
Ponder with us the stories of persecuted Christians. In following the Lord of glory, they share in His rejection, suffering, and sometimes even death. When we stop to behold the stories of such Christian communities today, we behold the Lord Himself, whose hand is guiding their faithful, powerful, and creative responses to suffering like His own.
We invite you to "bring home" their stories -- to welcome them into your group's very life, letting their suffering and creative responses reflect to you the person of Jesus.
May all who hear their stories grow to share in the mystery of love, speaking it into this wounded world through solidarity and accompaniment.
See the resources: We Respond (Adult and High School)  |  Christians Confronting Persecution (Online Course)  |  Video Clips  |  Film & Discussion Guide  |  Country Profiles  |  All