Stories and Clips

Use these stories and video clips as part of the We Respond series.

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Session 1: Overview: Discipleship and Persecution

Story 1: Boko Haram terror in Cameroon: 'We are still alive because we were in church.'

Further Resources: Open Doors World Watch List  |  UCS Report: Introduction  |  UCS Profile: Nigeria

Session 2: The People of God in Exile

Eleven minutes: Stories from Christians in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq (watch 3:25-14:05):

Session 3: The Paschal Mystery of Christ

News Story: Murdered by North Korea?  Martyred Chinese Pastor Served Refugees

News Story: China: Catholic priests missing; woman killed in church demolition

Session 4: Witness & Martyrdom in Church History

Less than one minute: Helen Berhane's story (watch 16:06-16:57):

Five minutes: Helen Berhane shares the story of her response to persecution (watch 17:20-22:00):

News Story: Jacques Hamel, 85, a Beloved French Priest, Killed in His Church

Reflection: Text of the homily given by Archbishop Lebrun at the funeral of Fr. Jacques Hamel

Session 5: Human Dignity and Rights

Five minutes: Tehmina Arora, a human rights lawyer, shares a story from her work (watch 2:59-7:34):

Key Document: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Key Document: Second Vatican Council's Declaration on Religious Liberty

Session 6: Responses of Forgiveness

Reflection: Last Testament; A Letter from the Monks of the Tibhirine

Fifteen minutes: Dr. Paul Bhatti tells his powerful experience of persecution and forgiveness (watch 12:11-21:27):

Session 7: Responses of Solidarity

News Story: Christians Plan Mass Movement to Protest Persecution in India