More Learning Resources

In addition to We Respond and our online course, we are pleased to offer the following resources:

Documentary and Discussion Guide

We have produced this 27-minute documentary and discussion guide to let you hear the stories of Christian communities around the world. Available in English, Italian, and Portuguese.

Interactive Country Profiles

Our website provides country profiles where students can explore facts, stories, and videos related to Christians around the world. Start by choosing a country here:

Video Library

Visit us on YouTube to watch expert presentations and testimonies from a vast array of regions.

Report In Response to Persecution

With the most concise, accessible report of our researchers' findings to date, you can see country profiles, global trends, and a list of recommendations.

Audio Interview: Christians in Iraq and Syria

Our co-director Daniel Philpott interviews expert Joshua Landis about the history and contemporary situation of Christians in Iraq and Syria.

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